Facebook threats to bomb mum

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN waged a reign of terror via his Facebook account, threatening to kill his victim after a dispute.

Leighton Winstanley was arrested by police after Neil Melling of Woolton Close, Ashton, made a complaint to them. But 37-year old Melling was so angry when the Crown Prosecution Services decided not to pursue his complaint, that he decided to matters into his own hands.

Prosecutor Richard Stone said that Melling, who was living at The Bellingham Hotel at the time of the offence, threatened via the social media site that he could petrol bomb Mr Winstanley’s mother’s home or “pay some skank” to do it.

He also warned his victim via Facebook: “I am going to snuff you out” and “You are £500 away from being less than nothing.”

However he refused to make any comment when police arrived at the hotel to arrest him.

Melling, who has 25 previous convictions from 32 offences, pleaded guilty to harassment without violence and being found with a quantity of a controlled drug, cannabis leaf.

The latest offences means he is in breach of an 18-month Community Order imposed for racially aggravated public order in January.

Mr Stone said that Mr Winstanley was not scared for his safety because of the threats, but was concerned about Melling’s “unpredictable” behaviour.

Patrick Heald, defending, said that there was history between Melling and Mr Winstanley which stemmed from a complaint laid before the police which led to Mr Winstanley being arrested.

Eventually the CPS decided not to act on it, which had been a source of grievance for Melling, who made the threats via his laptop when intoxicated.

Mr Heald told the bench: “These were hollow threats by Mr Melling and there is no suggestion he intended to follow them through. The allegations are distasteful and unpleasant but not terribly serious and certainly would justify committal to crown court.”

Melling was remanded on conditional bail for reports to be compiled and will appear again before Wigan and Leigh Magistrates on April 24.