Family appealing for help after dog attack

Stacey, Joan and Lyndsey Atherton
Stacey, Joan and Lyndsey Atherton
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A WIGAN family are appealing for the public’s help after the owner of a dog which left their Yorkshire Terrier with horrific injuries gave them false details.

Lyndsey Atherton’s 72-year-old grandma was walking Timmy, her four-year-old pet, on its lead on a park close to her house on Sunday at about 3pm when the Bull Mastiff, which was not on a lead, ran across and attacked it.

The attack, which happened on a park behind Buchanan Road in Pemberton, was over in a few seconds as Timmy was able to get free and run home, but he had an horrific six inch gash on his neck.

Owner, Joan Atherton, left the scene immediately to find Timmy but a neighbour who had come out to help when she heard the commotion stuck around to get the details from the dog’s owner.

But when details were handed over to the police it was discovered that they were fake.

Lyndsey, 19, said: “My nan is absolutely devastated by what’s happened to Timmy, we had to rush him to the closest emergency vet, which was in Blackpool, for an operation and have to take him to our local vet every two days to have his wound cleaned.

“Timmy is completely traumatised and rarely comes out from behind the couch he is that scared.

“The vet we first took him to said his injuries were some of the worst he’d ever seen a dog survive.”

Lyndsey describes the dog owner as being in his 20s, with black hair and he was wearing a black coat at the time of the attack.

The family are hoping that somebody in the local area around the park will know who the man is and will get in touch so they can pass the information onto the RSPCA.

So far the pensioner has had to fork out more than £400 in treatment for her beloved dog and by the end of his treatment, which could take months, that figure could easily be doubled.

Lyndsey, who works for the council, said: “I can’t believe how anybody could do this knowing that they’re leaving a pensioner with a huge treatment bill, not to mention the emotional impact the attack has had on my nan.

“The police have told us that this man has already committed an offence by giving false details but more importantly this dog needs to be assessed because next time it could be child that’s attacked.”

If anybody has any information they can email