Family await inquiry results

Family of Ryan Cummings (below) - his dad Alan, sister Louise Harrison, left, and partner Nicola Kershaw
Family of Ryan Cummings (below) - his dad Alan, sister Louise Harrison, left, and partner Nicola Kershaw
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THE grieving family of a late Wigan boxer are pinning new hope of “justice” on next month’s decision of an internal police inquiry.

While officers and the coroner have refused to re-open an investigation into the death of Ryan Cummings - who was found hanged at his home five years ago - relatives say questions remain unanswered and they will only be convinced he wasn’t murdered when a number of mysteries are explained.

Ryan Cummings Westwood Cemetery

Ryan Cummings Westwood Cemetery

Their complaint to GMP’s Professional Standards Branch has triggered a probe which gives the force 12 weeks to announce its verdict which is due on November 10.

Dad Alan Cummings and sister Louise Harrison have made an official complaint that some officers were negligent and failed to follow due procedure in the inquiry triggered when the 34-year-old’s body was found.

They remain very concerned that a mobile call and text messages that were sent by the Hindley dad along with the possible use of a second phone on the night he died. The Cummings’ suspicions will also not go away because of Ryan’s “upbeat mood” just before his death because he hand landed a new job and was about to become a dad.

They say that they were originally told that Ryan had made a 141-minute call and sent a text in the early hours of the morning when he died in March 2008, But they cannot find out to which phone without the force’s re-opening of the case. The family say they were told he rang the phone of an un-named woman which had been reported stolen the previous month from a pub in Hindley.

Text messages were also sent to two of Ryan’s relatives, although both allegedly denied receiving them in interview with the police.

Alan said: “There are too many loose ends that have not been tied up. The police are more than willing to close the book and hope we will go away but that is just not going to happen. There are plenty of unanswered questions hanging in the air and once I have got them answered then I will go away and they won’t see me any more.

“I have sat down in front of the police and told them that, as Ryan’s dad, I will keep coming back until I get final answers to our concerns.”

Louise said that claims that he had been on an alleged drink and drugs binge shortly before his death were not borne out by a subsequent post-mortem when blood tests proved he was only a little over the current alcohol/driving limit.

The family were also concerned about some police statements at the time that Ryan’s body had been found in his garage, while other reports clearly stated he had been found on a path in front of the garage.

They also remain angry at claims at his inquest that Ryan suffered from problems with depression or mental illness, insisting that he was on no form of medication or counselling.

Indeed, the last time he sought medical treatment was for chronic toothache and “nothing more.”

She said: “It is just ridiculous that they have not taken the second mobile phone and the information on it into question when Ryan’s body was found. We want it properly examined and for the police to look just what was on it.

“I have got my brother’s mobile call list off his phone company and it shows that he called that number before he was found. With these things hanging in the air we can’t get closure and we won’t rest until we do.”