Family devastated by burglary, says father

Victims of a burglary at their home in Grasmere Avenue, Ince, Gareth and Cheryl Edwards with baby Jacob
Victims of a burglary at their home in Grasmere Avenue, Ince, Gareth and Cheryl Edwards with baby Jacob

A WIGAN dad has spoken of the devastating effect on his family of a burglary after his home was ransacked for jewellery and children’s toys.

Gareth Edwards, from Higher Ince, spoke out after items including work laptops, a games console and jewellery with considerable sentimental value were taken from the house last week.

Burglars broke into the property on Grasmere Avenue some time in the afternoon on Tuesday January 14.

Dad of three Gareth says the break-in could have occurred just minutes after wife Cheryl, 26, left for the afternoon school run and has had a shattering effect on his family.

Father of three Gareth, 25, said: “They’ve ransacked the bedrooms and all the children’s Christmas presents have gone. There’s also personal items like christening bracelets and pieces of jewellery which were given to us by relatives who have now died.

“They’ve also taken our laptops which we need for work and also have a lot of photos of the children. Realistically I know I’m never going to retrieve those because the first thing they will do is probably wipe the computers.

“My wife wants to move and every time something moves outside at night she’s awake and alert instantly.

“They also took her car keys so she’s petrified her car will get stolen, although the insurance company has been very helpful and offered to change the locks.

“The children came home last night and it really hit home. It took more than an hour to console my son Jack and stop him crying and my daughter Ellie keeps asking for things which have gone.”

The offenders got into the property by smashing the living room window at the back of the ground floor, having gained entry by climbing over a fence or making their way through a neighbouring garden.

Gareth says the loss of the laptops is particularly difficult for the couple as Cheryl is training to be a midwife and had a lot of college work on her computer and his machine contains diagnostics equipment for use in his job as a mechanic.

Greater Manchester Poliec (GMP) confirmed the burglary is being investigated and enquiries are ongoing, but so far no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the incident should ring police on 0161 856 7124 or call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.