Family forced to wait four months for TV repair

Zoe Croston with her son Declan
Zoe Croston with her son Declan

A WIGAN mum has been left without her television for nearly four months after a series of blunders.

Mum-of-three Zoe Croston sent her Samsung TV back to Curry’s after it developed a manufacturing fault and following a series of errors she still has not had her TV returned to her in working order.

Zoe, 35, sent the plasma TV off to Curry’s support service team, the Know How team after they said a common fault with the ignition switch would be fixed free of charge despite the TV being out of warranty.

However, since it has been away it has been returned with the screen broken, developed another fault and Zoe was even sent back a TV that wasn’t hers.

And still she has no TV and says it has ruined the past three months for her children.

Zoe, of St Elizabeth Road, Aspull, lives with Shannon, 15, Jordan, 13, and Declan, four, and says she has even had to take time off work to stay in for one of the countless times Curry’s have promised to return her TV fixed.

Zoe said: “It’s beyond a joke now and the kids have really suffered.

“I mean they don’t watch a great deal of TV but you certainly notice when it’s not there.

“I thought I would be without my TV for two weeks at the most and I still have not had it back working.

“The first time they returned it they dropped it back in a polystyrene case and when I took that off the TV screen was completely smashed.

“The second time they returned it a few weeks later, it developed a fault with lines on the screen after a day or so and I had to send it back again.

“After a few more weeks they sent it back after countless phone calls and it wasn’t even my TV, but a completely different model.

“It’s April now and I am still waiting for my TV.”

After the Wigan Evening Post contacted Curry’s to highlight Zoe’s plight the company pledged to send an engineer to the family home and work quickly to resolve the fiasco.

A spokesperson for Curry’s said: “We are sorry to hear that Mrs Croston has had problems with her TV and we have been in touch.

“An engineer will visit to check and establish the origin of her TV set; we are committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.”