Family’s anger at double car thefts

A Vauxhall Insignia like the one stolen
A Vauxhall Insignia like the one stolen
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Two cars belonging to the same Wigan household were snatched at the same time.

The vehicles were parked on the driveway of Brian and Shirley King’s home in Chelmsford drive, Hawkley Hall, in the early hours of Monday morning after intruders broke into their house to steal the vehicles’ keys.

It is believed that further vehicles have been taken from the same street and nearby Morville Drive in recent days although police have not been able to confirm this.

One thing is certain though: Shirley’s brand new orange Peugeot and Brian’s silver Vauxhall Insignia have not been seen since that night.

Shirley’s son John Hayton, 20, said that the whole experience had left the family badly shaken.

He added: “I’ve not been able to sleep properly since I have been that on edge at the thought of someone prowling around our house. I have an 11-year-old sister and she was very frightened too.

“The cars were stolen at about 2.30am. The family dog heard someone getting into the house through a downstairs window to take the keys and ran down barking.

“I was woken by my mum at 2.40am to say the cars appeared just to have been stolen and we immediately rang the police.

“We heard that a man down the road had had his stolen the same night. It looks like one man got into the house, drove one of the cars off and parked it on another drive and then came back for the other.

“We were told that the Vauxhall was later seen heading off towards Ashton but neither has been seen since.”

Shirley is now managing with a courtesy car. The Vauxhall was a company vehicle from Brian’s work.

Police today confirmed the double theft and asked that anyone with information about the break-in or the whereabouts of the vehicles since should contact officers on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.