Family’s anguish at heartless raid

79-year-old Catherine Cunliffe from Golborne
79-year-old Catherine Cunliffe from Golborne

A FAMILY has spoken of their heartbreak after callous burglars distracted a pensioner and stole sentimental jewellery and money worth thousands of pounds.

Catherine Cunliffe, from Golborne, had a necklace which had a pendant containing the ashes of her daughter Patricia and another which her brother brought from Saudi Arabia 40 years ago taken from her home on Lowton Road.

One of the offenders told the 79-year-old victim there had been an explosion and he needed to check her radiators, telling her to fill up buckets of water in the kitchen while his accomplice entered the property and raided the bedroom, ripping out a safe which had been secured to the wardrobe.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is now investigating the incident, and Mrs Cunliffe’s devastated family have spoken of the impact the burglary has had.

Her granddaughter Stacey Bindon, 26, said: “We’re upset but more than anything we are angry.

“They’ve targeted an old lady because she’s more vulnerable.

“We don’t think we’re going to get the items back but I would be made up if we could get the one with the ashes back.

“She’s not comfortable in her own home and she keeps crying about the necklaces.

“They are very sentimental and whoever has taken them won’t understand how much they mean to her.”