Family’s fury at cat loss

Paul Roper, Michelle Roper, Jessica Roper and Paul Blanchfield and (below) Leo the cat
Paul Roper, Michelle Roper, Jessica Roper and Paul Blanchfield and (below) Leo the cat
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A HEARTBROKEN family is distraught after their much loved pet went missing while in the care of a trusted home.

When Paul Blanchfield and Michelle Roper went off on holiday with their two children they never imagined it would be halted because their cat had escaped from a Shevington cattery.

Leo the cat

Leo the cat

Staff at Deandane contacted them via text message to tell them of the disappearance. When they cut short their trip to return home, they were told their pet, Leo, “was a very naughty cat”.

Paul, 49, said: “I was gobsmacked - I felt it was totally insensitive.

“I had only said that the kids just want their cat back. He’s been with us now for two years and he was a mischievous cat, very clever but never naughty.

“I feel the cattery has let us down and are not trying hard enough to rectify their error. They are blaming the cat itself.” The family ended their Skegness break four days early when they heard the news and have since been persistently searching for Leo.

Paul added: “After a day or two of very upset and distraught children we decided to cut our holiday short and pick up our other cats.

“The cattery explained Leo had climbed up a wire mesh on the wall and gnawed at a screw in the ceiling, worked it loose, pushed up a part of the ceiling and escaped through a drain pipe.

“We were upset and accepted the story. They said they would continue to lay down a trap and put down food in the hope of tempting him back.

“They gave us a full refund and apologised but then we heard nothing from them.”

Since then, Paul and Michelle, along with their two children, 16-year-old Paul and Jessica, 11, have hunted everywhere to find Leo.

They have put up posters, posted his details online, contacted the RSPCA and even alerted nearby businesses and vets in their search.

Bosses at Deandane advised Paul to put something with his smell on in the trap at the home to guide him towards it and so the family even brought a cushion of his to place near the trap in the ceiling.

Michelle, 38, said: “It’s been a week now and we are still very upset.

“However, there is a growing following on Facebook sites for Leo so we are hopeful we will still find him.“

There was no one available at Deandane to comment.