Fantasy fans set for super day at Wigan Comic-Con

The borough's caped crusaders and masked villains will be out in force later this year to mark the return of Wigan Comic-Con.

Last year's Comic-Con even saw a wedding
Last year's Comic-Con even saw a wedding

The annual fantasy, sci-fi and comic convention will be back for the sixth time, taking place on May 26 at the Robin Park sports centre, and featuring a jam-packed roster of activities and special celebrity guests.

Famous faces such as John Challis - of Only Fools and Horses and Doctor Who fame - will be one of the headline attractions, alongside fellow actor John Altman and Harry Smith, son of Wigan wrestling legend Davey Boy Smith.

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Famous graphic novel artists and writers will also rock up to host talks and sign memorabilia, alongside trade stalls selling all kinds of geeky merchandise from action figures to comic books.

Classic arcade machines will be in place throughout the venue to help scratch your retro gaming itch - be sure to get your fix of Pacman or Galaga before the queues get too long.

There will also be opportunities to snap a selfie with a dalek or take a picture inside the TARDIS, among many other props from your favourite cult shows.

The event is a chance for Wiganers to let out their inner geekiness in its entirety.

Attendees traditionally flock to comic-cons dressed as their favourite pop culture icons, ranging from simple costume shop outfits to detailed, professionally-made ensembles.

In fact, the outfits are such an integral part of the experience that a cosplay (costume play) competition will also be held to decide whose efforts in the design department are the most impressive.

Last year’s Wigan Comic-Con was even host to a superhero wedding!

Lee Burns and Kirsty Walkden headed to the convention just after getting married in Chorley, bringing an entire costumed wedding party with them.

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The couple chose to visit the Comic-Con on the day they tied the knot after Lee, 34, proposed to 37-year-old Kirsty on stage during the 2015 edition.

They showed up dressed at Batman and Poison Ivy, counting The Joker among their many colourful wedding guests.

Their seven-year-old son Jack was dressed as Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum, who handed over the couple’s wedding rings inside the Pokeballs from the famous game franchise.

The 2018 Wigan Comic-Con will take place from 10am to 4pm on May 26.

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Organisers will be out in force in the days before the event, with around 25 people taking to the streets of the town centre in costume, to help promote the event.

Tickets prices start from as little as £5 for children aged 15 and under, while anyone under five years old will get free admission.

Anyone 16 or over can gain entry for £7, and family passes are priced at £20. Tickets are available to or can be bought on the door from 11am.

For more information, visit