Farms hit by fuel thieves

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WIGAN farmers are being urged to protect their fuel supplies following reports of an increase in thefts.

Rocketing fuel prices and shortages of heating oil have led to a rise in the number of farmers having their vehicle and heating fuel stolen.

Edmund Sword of CLA Insurance Services (CLAIS) said: “Both diesel and petrol prices have gone up by more than six pence a litre in just one month while heating oil prices in the region have increased by some 50 percent since last summer. This means that farms, which often store large quantities of both heating oil and vehicle fuel, are an attractive proposition for thieves.”

Now, CLAIS has come up with a list of 10 top tips to help farmers avoid falling foul of the fuel thieves:

1. Review current security by taking note of what fuel tanks you have, where they are located, the type and value of their contents and the possible impact of their loss. This allows you to consider the present protection and how this might be improved

2. Ensure locks are fitted to manual fuel dispensing nozzles

3. Install locks on tank filler/vent caps

4. Erect fixed or removable barriers or posts or, alternatively, park vehicles so they hinder vehicle access to tanks

5. Check tank levels on a regular basis to ensure fuel is not being siphoned off

6. Use pump controls inside well-secured buildings

7. Install security lighting around fuel tanks

8. Conceal tanks with fencing panels or shrubs

9. Consider installing security cameras

10. Look out for unfamiliar vehicles – crooks are following delivery trucks to find out which households have a new supply.