Father urges: Stay away from party island

Luke Rhoden who died in Ibiza
Luke Rhoden who died in Ibiza

THE father of Ibiza tragedy victim Luke Rhoden is warning young Wiganers to avoid the party isle in 2015 amid claims rogue police are targeting tourists.

Norman Rhoden has joined forces with badly beaten DJ Kent Oliver Sebastien after their lawyer warned that both Luke and Oliver may have been victims of a rogue unit.

Former Warriors youth player Luke, 25, died during a stag do night out in September.

Mobile phone footage and eye-witness accounts which emerged in the hours after his death suggested he had been man-handled by heavy-handed Spanish civil guards.

DJ Oliver, 27, of Faversham in Kent, claims he was battered by police on a night out in San Antonio two months earlier.

Norman, 45, of Ince, said: “My main question is – do they need a military police force in Ibiza? It’s a holiday island. I can understand using military police in Madrid and other big cities, but not San Antonio.

“Someone, somewhere should be asking whether there’s another way to police the island. In the summer it’s just full of kids.

“There seems to be a bit of a pattern of similar incidents building up from last summer in Ibiza too. As well as the ones involving Luke and Oliver we know of at least another two, one which left a guy in intensive care. It wasn’t just a one-off.

“That could be just the tip of the iceberg too. I imagine a lot of people don’t report things because they don’t think they will get anywhere.

“But someone needs to be held accountable.”

An inquest into Luke’s death was formally opened before Christmas, but the full hearing will not be heard for at least three months.

Norman says his lawyer - Nick Turner, of Russell and Co - is now trying to get hold of the names of the civil guards involved.

It is possible that the same guards involved in the incident in which Luke lost his life were involved in the beating of Oliver.

Norman also reckons the evidence of a doctor who had to ask police to leave Luke alone several times could prove crucial.

“A lot lies with the doctor who treated Luke at the scene,” he said.

“His evidence could be like the golden egg.”