Father who was facing jail found hanged

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News story

A WIGAN inquest heard how a man fearing jail was found hanged a week before his court sentencing date.

Heavy drinker Aaron Lee Hardman, 26, had told his sister, Lydia Macklin that he was very concerned about the 10-month prison term his solicitor had warned he may receive after admitting a domestic violence charge.

In fact he confided that he was considering “doing a runner” to Spain while on bail.

He was also angry at access problems over seeing his young son and troubled by the fact that his handyman business was suffering because his bail terms prevented him from going to Skelmersdale where most of his clients were based.

Mr Hardman was found by partner Samantha Ashcroft at her home in Cameron Place, Worsley Hall, hanged from the stairs by a dressing gown cord after a day-long drinking session on January 24. She had fallen asleep on a sofa and when she woke in the early hours to find he hadn’t joined her, she searched the house and made the devastating discovery.

Both Mr Hardman’s father and his uncle had died by hanging, the Bolton hearing was told. But coroner Alan Walsh recorded an open verdict after hearing evidence from pathologist Dr Naveen Sharma that Mr Hardman had consumed three times the drink-drive limit of alcohol and his judgement would have been impaired. No suicide letter was found.

But he had sent a text to his sister after Ms Ashcroft had fallen asleep, in which he urged her to assure his son that “he had nothing to do with this.”

Although both his sister and new partner had tried to get him to go to the doctor’s for treatment for possible depression, he continually refused. The last time he had received prescribed medication for depression was in 2010, Mr Walsh was told.

Mr Walsh said: “One of the greatest sadnesses is that this young boy will no longer have a father.”