Fears allayed over cash machine scam

Cash machine
Cash machine

WIGAN shoppers were put on alert following reports of thieves using a skimming device on a town centre cash machine.

It had been reported that con artists had attached the equipment to the Barclays cashpoint in Market Place.

But a spokesman for Barclays said that this is unlikely to be true as all its ATMs are fitted with anti-skimming machines, meaning the conning device would not attach to the cash points.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police - who were initially unaware of the alleged offence - said that they would send officers to investigate the apparatus.

There are two main types of devices used to steal people’s card details.

One is called a Lebanese Loop which has fake slots which swallow the user’s card, allowing crooks to later take cash from their account or copy details.

These fake slots can be spotted by way of an overlap between the slot and below.

The other is a pinhole camera which is used to film victims typing their pin numbers in. This is not the first time that such scams have been reported in the borough.

In recent years, branches of Lloyds TSB in Pemberton and Wigan town centre were both found with Lebanese loop false slots.

In similar circumstances, the row of shops in Kitt Green had been targeted, as well as the post office in Shevington.

If anyone has fallen victim to any fraudulent devices call the police on 101.