Fears over new double yellow lines

View of Swan Meadow Road, Wigan - as a new section of double yellow lines has forced motorists to park further up the road
View of Swan Meadow Road, Wigan - as a new section of double yellow lines has forced motorists to park further up the road

RESIDENTS are calling for a re-think over “dangerous” new parking restrictions.

A small but long-established community in Poolstock claim that newly laid double yellow lines have pushed commuter parking further along a road to leave vehicles blocking sight lines.

They want the lines extended around the blind bend on Swan Meadow Road to keep it clear.

If that fails, residents want town centre workers and their cars to be stopped from parking in the immediate area altogether by making the highway into a residents-only parking zone.

The row has been raging since a highways department team arrived at the Pottery Road end of the route to extend the double yellow parking ban in front of the former Mayor’s Boatyard now occupied by utilities facility company Lowri Beck.

Window cleaner Paul Calderbank – who lives in Swan Meadow Road with his partner Eileen – acknowledges that the town hall have acted to try and remove any congestion for vehicles entering or leaving the industrial units now occupying the former Eckersley’s Mills complex.

But he believes that their efforts may now have unwittingly created another hazard.

Cars approaching the tight hand bend from Pottery Road are now being forced to take a path down the middle of the road into the oncoming traffic because of the new area of the highway being used for parking.

Mr Calderbank said: “Cars coming off Pottery Road are now approaching a blind bend but to get around it they must now go in the middle of the road.

“If ever there was an accident waiting to happen it is here.

“I know why they have done this with the yellow lines and that is fair enough, but by attempting to solve one problem they have created another.

“The cars being parked there don’t belong to staff at Lowri Beck because they have their own car parking.

“They are people in the town centre who are too tight to pay the proper parking charges and want free parking even if it means that they have a 20 minute walk in to their jobs.

“My partner works at Wigan and Leigh College and she is prepared to pay for the parking that goes with it and so should these people.

“One sure fire way to cure the problem would be to make the road residents-only parking but we keep being told we are too far outside the town centre.” Mark Tilley, Council head of highways, said: “We will look closely at this issue and propose restrictions as appropriate to resolve any issues of dangerous parking.”