Ferrets, dogs and cats roamed squalid home

A dog found by the RSPCA at the house on Montrose Avenue
A dog found by the RSPCA at the house on Montrose Avenue

ANIMAL faeces, urine and rubbish were all over a house in Wigan found to contain scores of animals, RSPCA chiefs have revealed.

Following the conviction of 38-year-old Charlotte Chadwick for failing to ensure the needs of five dogs, four cats and 18 ferrets which she was responsible for were met, contrary to section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the RSPCA have revealed the full extent of the squalid conditions in which the animals were kept.

Chadwick, who has now moved out of the property in Montrose Avenue, Kitt Green, has been banned from keeping animals for 15 years following her conviction at Wigan Magistrates Court on July 30.

The inspectors - who were visiting as they believed Chadwick was prepared to sign over a number of animals - said they were unaware of the exact state of the property and the animals being kept there.

They said that they found “rubbish and hazards strewn around the entire property when an RSPCA inspector visited the premises. Animal urine and faeces covered all floors.”

Chadwick told the RSPCA that she accepted the conditions were not suitable for the keeping of animals.

She said she would take animals on when her mood was good, but things would quickly get on top of her. She said the worse the state of the house got, the less she could do about it.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “The conditions the RSPCA found at the property were clearly unacceptable to keep animals in. Our main priority was to remove those animals from the property, but in the long term we hope to prevent further animals living in such conditions.

“If anybody is struggling to cope with their animals they should seek help and advice. It is not acceptable to ignore the problem.”

The RSPCA also revealed that they had previously visited the property last year when 20 ferrets were signed over.