Fiend who preyed on 10 young girls jailed

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A PREDATORY paedophile from Wigan, who carried out an appalling catalogue of sex attacks on 10 young girls, has been caged indefinitely.

For 25 years, Ronald Bain exploited and abused his vulnerable victims, some as young as six, but they never felt able to tell the police, and lived with their awful secrets.

But shortly before Christmas 2010, one of them, now 33 years old, spotted him in a supermarket car park with a girl in his car and “she was overwhelmed with a wish to try to stop the cycle of abuse continuing and confronted him,” presecutor Simon Christie told Liverpool Crown Court.

He denied any wrongdoing but she went to the police and meanwhile Bain, who originates from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, fled to his homeland.

None of the victims, who were aged between six to 16 and lived in Wigan, had known that the others had been abused but after the woman confronted him she discovered that he had also abused her two sisters. The other victims included a mother and daughter.

Imposing an indeterminate sentence for public protection Judge David Harris, QC, said that he had begun by grooming the vulnerable girls before engaging in intimacy with them and rewarding them with sweets, cigarettes and money.

“You used the girls for your own sexual gratification without the slightest consideration of the damage that the girl would necessarily suffer as a result of that sexual exploitation and manipulation.”

He said that he had corrupted his victims into tolerating or submitting to his behaviour by ensuring they became dependent on him in some way.

“The term predatory paedophile is sometimes used inaccurately in relation to child sex offenders but in your case it is an entirely apt description of your personality and behaviour.”

Sometimes Bain, of Smithwood Avenue, Hindley abused his victims while they were in the window of his home while he was out of sight and the judge said that his risk taking behaviour added to the sexual gratification Bain derived.

“Your offending behaviour had seriously harmful and on occasions devastating consequences ….you have no insight now nor remorse for the harm that you have caused. I have not the slightest hesitation in concluding you are a dangerous offender,” said Judge Harris.

All the victims had been psychologically and emotionally affected, he added.

He ordered that he must serve a minimum of nine years before he can apply for parole. Determinate sentences were also imposed for other offences ranging from nine months to 13 years to run concurrently.

Judge Harris warned the 62-year-old, who continues to deny the offences, that unless he accepts his behaviour and engages in rehabilitation work he may never be released.

Bain showed no emotion during the hearing. He had been convicted of 27 sexual assault offences, many of them specimen offences, including raping two girls aged 12 and 14, by a jury after a five-week trial.

The court heard that he has eight convictions for indecent behaviour in Northern Ireland in the 1960s and ’70s.

After the hearing Det Con Susan Molyneux from the Public Protection Unit said: ⿿”As an adult, Bain abused the trust the children and their parents placed in him and subjected them to a number of sexual assaults over a prolonged period of time.

“The victims have all been left mentally scarred by the abuse they received and I hope the sentence Bain has received may go some way to helping mend these scars.”