Figures reveal road is a crime hot-spot

A Wigan sporting haven is a hive of anti-social behaviour, figures have revealed.

Monday, 17th April 2017, 11:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:50 pm
Stadium Way

Over the past seven years there have been more than 200 criminal incidents on Stadium Way, which leads to DW Stadium, DW Gym, the Soccerdome and Oxygen Trampoline Park.

A recent freedom of information request showed that 208 crimes had been reported on the road since 2010, averaging around 30 a year, more than two each month.

Vehicle crime topped the list for the most commonly occurring incidents with 62 reports over the seven-year period. Rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour was reported more than 40 times with theft and violence also proving prominent in the area.

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One member of the public, who has been assaulted twice on Stadium Way following sports events, approached the Post to find out how common attacks are in the area.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I think sometimes people just go to fight. Whether they are playing or watching sport there always seems to be some reason to get aggressive.

“When I was a lot younger I was targeted by a group of aggressive blokes during a kick-about. They just wanted to start on someone and beat them up. The police ended up involved because I was in such a state. It was completely unprovoked.

“It made me stop wanting to go and join in any football games round there, what’s the point if things just constantly turn violent?”

In 2015 police upped their patrols in the area following a “spate” of burglaries from vehicles parked either side of the sporting complex. At least 15 break-ins were reported in 2014 and 16 the following year. Following the crackdown, the number of incidents more than halved.

At the time officers released a warning to those using the facilities, who were being targeted by thieves stealing valuables.

Wallets, mobile phones and handbags left on car seats were among the items taken in the smash-and-grabs, as well as work equipment which was stolen from vans. One diabetic victim even reported that vital needles used to administer their insulin had been taken.

DW Gym and Soccerdome put up warning signs in the area for their patrons.

More recently the area has come under scrutiny from the council as people have been parking their cars illegally on double yellow lines, causing dangerous conditions for those crossing the


Patrols have been resumed in the area, this time by traffic wardens, as the council attempts to crack down on the “inconsiderate and dangerous” parking.

Recent parking charges brought in by the council have led disappointed motorists to leave their cars on the


To report any non-urgent incidents contact police on 101 or call 999 in the case of an emergency.

A look at incidents on Stadium Way reveals vehicle crime is top

A Freedom of Information Request has shown each incident that Greater Manchester Police has attended on the busy road since 2010.

Figures for 2017 only show activity in January and February, during which time seven reports were made- two of those were with good intent.

As well as the high rate of vehicle crime (62 incidents) reported in the article, there have been six instances of burglary, five incidents of criminal damage and three reports of concern for the safety of a child.

Crimes such as sexual assault or indecency have only been reported once over the period.