Find out what our favourite butty is as we tuck into British Sandwich Week

The humble sandwich, the go-to lunch for millions of people across the UK and beyond, is having its well-deserved week in the sun.

British Sandwich Week is currently taking place and is a celebration of one of the most popular and delicious staples.

So, do you go classic with a ploughman's or something more out there with an egg salad – or maybe you like a more modern option such as duck and hoisin? Well, it turns out that chicken is at the top of the list for Brits when it comes to sarnie fillings.

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Every year the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association holds British Sandwich Week to honour the nation’s devotion to clubs, subs, wraps, rolls, baguettes, baps, bagels, toasties, pittas, paninis and all their accompanying fillings.

The humble chicken salad sandwich is a British favouriteThe humble chicken salad sandwich is a British favourite
The humble chicken salad sandwich is a British favourite

The research team from MealTrak have helped the association reveal the nation’s top 10 most loved sandwich fillings this year.

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Favourite sandwiches enjoyed by Brits

1. ChickenThere are many kinds of chicken sandwiches out there, but one that definitely reigns supreme more recently according to Brits is the coronation chicken sandwich. Loaded with herbs and spices and complemented further with a dollop of creamy mayonnaise, this sandwich filling is among those crowned the favourite this year.2. CheeseThe popularity of cheese never lessens for our nation of sandwich lovers and maybe it’s down to being so much choice! Whether it’s cheddar, brie, feta, mozzarella, or goat’s – cheese comes in many delicious forms that Brits can’t get enough of. You can have it plain, with pickle, with sandwich meat or something fancier like hand-made pesto – cheese is a go-to option for lunchtime workers.3. BaconBacon comes in third this year in the overall filling favourites but number one when it comes to breakfast sarnies. It’s also a filling that divides the nation when it comes to if you opt for red or brown sauce to make it the perfect early-morning staple.

4. HamAnother favourite of Brits is the traditional sandwich meat - ham. A favourite often with school children and adults when it comes to packed lunches. Ham can be found in many sandwich guises from ham salad to ham and mustard – and is often the number one filling of toasties or paninis.

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5. TunaThe first mention of fish in the top ten league table of sandwich fillings is tuna. Pretty much always blended with mayonnaise this favourite’s friends are often cucumber, sweetcorn or onion and pepper when it’s titled “tuna crunch”. Again, another go-to option when it comes to having a sandwich hot. Tuna is loved by millions.

6. EggWhether it’s just the traditional egg and cress with its creamy and flavoursome taste, and often featuring in various supermarkets' meal deal offerings or something a little more out there like ham and egg – egg is still a strong favourite with the nation. Pair an egg sarnie with salt and vinegar crisps and you have a winner. It is also easy to replicate at home, can be rustled up in less than 15 minutes and uses cheap ingredients that won't break the lunch budget.7. VegetarianFinally, one for those that don’t eat meat – vegetarian sandwich options come in at number seven. Whether that’s a tomato and mozzarella wrap, hummus and falafel pitta or a peanut butter and jelly bagel – vegetarian options have crept up the league table this year.

8. SausageWhether you like your sandwich hot or cold – sausages are often a real favourite with us all. Coming second to bacon when it comes to breakfast baps – sausage is a British staple and one sandwich filling that never leaves the top ten. With some sandwich lovers shouting about getting more creative with their chipolatas by adding marmalade, it would seem sausages are getting fancy. However, the main sales of sausages are still the traditional breakfast sandwich – whether that's on its own or mixed with bacon and egg.

9. BeefIf you don’t get enough beef with your Sunday roast, then it can be eaten in the week in the way of a sandwich. Whether your favourite is with horseradish, caramelised onions, and cheese or in the form of a meatball sub – beef is the meat behind many lunchtime picks.

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10. VeganHave you ever had a plant-based sandwich? If not, why not pick up one this British Sandwich Week – as there is an ever-growing amount to choose from? Whether it’s a ‘no tuna and sweetcorn’ or ‘vegan no cheese and chutney’ or even ‘Subway’s vegan sub’ there is normally now a whole shelf of options to get your taste buds going. Vegans everywhere can rejoice as more and more creations are coming to the market as their fillings enter the top ten!

Jim Winship, director of The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association and dubbed the king of sandwiches said: “Every year we are keen to see which sandwich fillings are reigning supreme with our nation of sandwich lovers. This year it’s chicken, which is always a long-running favourite I have to say.

“It’s because it’s so versatile and whether it’s with avocado, whipped up into coronation chicken or placed with other sandwich meats – it’s always a tasty option.

“It’s been another tough year for those working in the world of sandwiches. So, we hope British consumers will get on board and join in with our annual British Sandwich Week. Which is a seven-day celebration aiming to support the industry and celebrate the nation’s love of a good sarnie.

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“So, why not head to your local sandwich shop and explore their menu, grab a food-to-go option on your commute to work, or meet friends for a sarnie-filled session in the coming days? After all, we are a nation that can’t get enough of the humble sandwich.”The new research also found that regular sliced bread still topped the list with over half of the nation preferring this carrier (57.9 per cent) followed by baguettes (13.1) wraps (11.1) subs (5.9) paninis (4.3) rolls (three) ciabatta (1.7) bagels (1.5) and finally flatbread last with (0.9)According to the data, the north of the country is the keenest on sandwiches (23.1 per cent) followed closely by the capital (22.5), with the Midlands being in the middle (15.9) However, Wales is the least interested in a sarnie with only (4.1 per cent) of overall sales.

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