Fire chief’s anger over bakery site

The former Twiss Bakery at Boundary Street, Ince
The former Twiss Bakery at Boundary Street, Ince
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FIRE bosses have warned of the dangers of trespassing on the site of a former Wigan bakery after yet another incident there.

In the last three months fire crews from Wigan Station have been called to what used to be Twiss Bakery, just off Warrington Road in Ince, five times but there has been a problem with people getting into the building and starting fires for a number of years.

And now bosses fear that a serious accident could happen because of the dangers that lurk around the site.

Wayne Guffogg, Wigan Station Commander, said: “We would seriously encourage people not to go into this building because not only are they putting themselves at risk but they are also putting us in danger too as we have to go and deal with the fires they start.

“Every time there is a fire in the building the ceiling and roof structure is weakened further and the people who hang around the building have a tendency to want to climb on the roof, but if the roof collapses they could seriously injure themselves.”

There have also been reports of large amounts of debris both in and outside of the building including piles of building rubble, cut off pipes hanging from the roof structure as well as holes hidden in the floor and used needles lying around.

The most recent incident happened at about 10pm on Friday night when crews were called after a quantity of building material was set alight by youths.

In 2008 there was a major fire at the site which saw half of it have to be torn down and since then it has been plagued by vandals, drug users and gangs of youths congregating to drink alcohol.

The owner, Newbury Homes Ltd based in Lymm, has been fined a number of times for failing to clear up the rubble-strewn site.

Station Commander Guffogg said negotiations with Wigan Council were already under way.

He added: “We are working closely with the council over the future of this site and we will be putting pressure on at every turn to get it secured as much as we can.

“It would be better all round if the building wasn’t there, but while it is it needs to be as secure as possible and I would urge people to just not go inside, it is simply not safe.

“Not only is it a danger to our staff but it is a huge drain on resources.”