Fire crews called to Heinz factory

HJ Heinz at Kitt Green
HJ Heinz at Kitt Green

FIREFIGHTERS were called to Wigan’s Heinz factory after a motor in a powder blower seized.

Crews attended the factory in Kitt Green just before 6pm on Thursday and were directed to a small annexe next to the main building.

They found a belt had continued to drive after the motor seized and partly melted, causing a large amount of smoke but no flames.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus took a thermo-imaging camera into the building to ensure there was no fire before ventilating it in an operation lasting around 40 minutes.

Crew manager Mike Fairhurst said: “The motor in a piece of machinery which moves semolina powder from a tanker into a storage container had seized and the belt continued to run.

“Friction had started to melt part of the belt and it created smoke which triggered the smoke alarm. There wasn’t a fire because when we got there the machinery which was still driving the belt had also seized up.

“We just opened all the doors to ventilate it and isolated the machinery before leaving it with the on-site engineers to cool down.

“The smoke alarms were in place and Heinz has its own on-site fire crew which identified the fire and directed us to it, so we just assisted them.”