Fire crews find melted dolls' heads in garden rubbish fire

Firefighters tackled the trolley blaze in a Leigh garden
Firefighters tackled the trolley blaze in a Leigh garden

Melted dolls heads were found in a pile rubbish set alight in a trolley in a Leigh back garden, firefighters have reported.

Hindley fire crews were called to reports of a blaze in a garden on Abbey Lane, Leigh, at around 3.10pm this afternoon (Saturday).

On arrival, firefighters discovered burning household waste in a trolley within the confines of the property.

Contrary to the clean air act in force in Greater Manchester, loose rubbish containing toxic materials such as plastic had been set alight.

The trolley contained household rubbish and included several plastic dolls' heads. The remaining rubbish had burnt to ashes.

Mark Anderson, watch manager for Hindley said: “Do not burn household waste. Put it in the rubbish bin where it belongs and ensure that you get the bins collected on time. Burning anything in a back garden is actually forbidden.”

Whilst at the home firefighters conducted a safe and well inspection and installed working smoke alarms at the property.

To find out more or to book a safe and well appointment visit or call 0800 555815.