Fire crews free boy, 16, from child’s swing

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News story
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A WIGAN teenager was the subject of an embarrassing rescue effort having got himself stuck in a children’s play swing.

The 16-year-old required the help of a fire crew to get free from the play equipment on Sunday evening at Hindley’s Rayner Park.

Firefighter Paul Hesford said the young lad also had the ignominy of his pal videoing the incident on his mobile phone.

He said: “We were called at about 10pm to the park to reports a young man was trapped. He had got his legs trapped in the infant swing set and was starting to experience pins and needles and loss of sensation.

“We didn’t need to cut the swing to get him out, we just used some spanners to manoeuvre his legs free and it only took a couple of minutes. He was okay and walked off a bit embarrassed.

“I think he may have wanted to run off but perhaps his legs wouldn’t let him.”