Firefighters attacked by youths while tackling blaze

A crew from Hindley was attacked
A crew from Hindley was attacked

A crew of firefighters were pelted with bricks and stones by a group of youths who deliberately started a fire.

A crew from Hindley fire station was called to reports of a rubbish fire in a field just off Gas Street in Platt Bridge, at around 7.30pm yesterday (Tuesday).

But shortly after arrival, the firefighters realised the blaze had been started deliberately by a group of around five to six youngsters, who began throwing missiles at them.

They defiantly continued to tackle the rubbish fire until it was extinguished, by which time the group had run off.

Watch manager Mick Callan said the incidence of fire crews being attacked by members of the public was "becoming more of a common theme."

No firefighters were injured during the incident.