Firefighters rescue dog trapped on icy Wigan canal

A rescue operation was carried out this afternoon after a dog ran across thin ice on a canal behind the DW stadium.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 4:56 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th March 2018, 6:20 pm
A picture from behind DW stadium taken earlier this week in freezing conditions.

Firefighters and police were called the scene off Loire Drive at around 4.40pm after the pet dog ran across the frozen water and got trapped.

Emergency services are deployed a dingy to rescue the dog, which is believed to be a Husky.

Wigan and Hindley crews helped to save the pooch, who is now reportedly home safe and well.

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A GMP spokesperson said that the dog made it to the opposite bank of the canal before being rescued.

A post shared on social media by the owner said: "Worried sick my son has taken dog for a walk on canal she was off lead and went across the ice behind DW stadium. He couldn't get to her.

"I sent his friend to help but couldn't get to her because of the gates and the ice very thin so would give way with any weight.

"I rang fire brigade they've gone to help so with him now and police trying to get her just waiting for a boat only way get to her.

"Thank God for emergency services no news yet so waiting for him to ring me to update. Hope she going be ok and thank God fire brigade with them, I know he is safe now."