Fireman scam

Anthony Murray
Anthony Murray
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A “GREEDY” fireman who arranged to get his expensive BMW torched while he was out on a hoax call has been jailed for five years.

Anthony Murray arranged for another man, Gareth Collier, to make the hoax call so he and his crew would be as far away from the fire station as possible when Collier set fire to his £47,000 vehicle in the adjoining car park.

“You gave yourself what you must have thought was the perfect alibi because you were nowhere near the car when it was set on fire,” a judge told him.

The two companies insuring the BMW Alpine bi-turbo car duly paid out his claims but in a desperate effort to divert police attention away from his dishonesty he went on to write fake threatening letters to bolster his lies.

He pretended an unknown person had a grudge against him and Collier, who worked alongside him as a part-time doorman, for assaulting his son.

His plans inevitably unravelled and his barrister told Liverpool Crown Court that it had been “a madcap scheme hatched through financial difficulty. It was not thought through and was compounded by attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Keith Harrison added: “It was an enormous fall from grace. He has made the fall from pinnacle to pit.”