Firm’s light fantastic deal

MHA Lighting boss Tom Harrison with MP Andy Burnham on his recent visit to the firm. Beth
MHA Lighting boss Tom Harrison with MP Andy Burnham on his recent visit to the firm. Beth
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A WIGAN man who set up a lighting company only two years ago cannot believe his success in green, health and financial terms.

Tom Harrison, from Hindley, established MHA Lighting with an environmentally-friendly dream to provide more energy-efficient lighting with fewer C02 emissions to companies across the country.

And now his work is being praised as the company is helping hospital trusts up and down the country fight hospital-acquired infection rates with revolutionary new sealed lighting units too.

The newly-patented LED technology has been designed as a fully sealed unit to stop dust, bacteria and dead insects from gathering around warm light fittings and spreading deadly super-bugs.

Lights in traditional hospital fittings need to be changed approximately every 12 months and when this happens the dust that has gathered on top is disturbed and gets back into the air causing risk of illness.

But MHA’s fittings have a seven-year life span.

MD Mr Harrison said: “Not only is the NHS saving money on operational costs for routine light maintenance, but our LEDs burn 20 per cent of the energy of traditional fluorescents.

“At a time when the Government has set the NHS tough targets to reduce CO2 emissions, more energy efficient lighting is paramount in saving money and reducing a Trust’s carbon footprint.

“The Carbon Reduction Commitment Carbon Tax on large organisations such as the NHS means for every tonne of carbon saved, hospitals receive £12. “This money can be directly ploughed back into front line patient services.

“MHA Lighting is delighted to have found a solution that can help in both these vital areas and hope to be able to make our technology available to all Trusts nationwide.”

Earlier this week MP Andy Burnham went to the Atherton HQ to learn about the new technology and its benefits.

Mr Burnham said: “Energy-efficient lighting helps save the NHS money and reduces a trust’s carbon footprint.

“Most importantly the money saved can be directly ploughed back into frontline patient services.

“Trusts are always seeking ways to free up money for clinical care and the battle against superbugs is continuous.

“MHA Lighting seems to be in possession of a product that can help the NHS on both these fronts.

“I am extremely proud that MHA Lighting has designed, developed and manufactured this unique LED technology in Atherton and its healthcare application poses a massive opportunity for the company.”

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