First crime rise in two decades

Crime story
Crime story

CRIME has risen in Greater Manchester for the first time in 20 years.

The one per cent increase was revealed by the Office for National Statistics covering 12 months to March of this year.

The areas which have seen the biggest increase are thefts, which include burglaries and shoplifting.

But the news isn’t all gloomy – GMP has seen a four per cent reduction in assaults where the victim is injured, bucking the national trend which has seen an increase of three per cent.

GMP’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said: “I have been warning about the risk of crime going up since before I was elected and it gives me no pleasure to say this appears to have come to pass. Crimes such as shoplifting and theft are symptomatic of the societal pressures that many people in our communities face.

“Of course, it doesn’t excuse any criminal activity, and the vast majority of people in this country are decent, law-abiding citizens, no matter what their financial situation.”