Flaming UFO spotted last night

A man has emailed the wigantoday newsroom asking if anyone else saw a bizarre Unidentified Flaming Object in Shevington last night.

His email in full reads ...

Hi ... Did anyone else in the Shevington area/Shevington Moor area see the fire ball above Shevington High? I live opposite the playing fields on Parkbrook Lane. At about 9pm last night my daughter and I witnessed what looked like a giant firework/rocket flying several hundred feet on a horizontal path towards Elnup Woods.

It was a only a matter of several seconds and disappeared or broke up before the woods. It was twice the speed of a firework and had a trailing flame behind it.

This is not a wind up, other people in the area must have seen it.

Frank Welch

If you saw the object add your comments below ...

Another email sighting dropped in regarding the story that appeared in the Wigan Reporter last week. It reads ...

Hi, I saw a very similar object between 1996 and 1999. Don't remember the year. It was summer however.

The difference between the drawing on your site and my siting was that there was a center ball with the others around it in a similar fashion as was drawn.

Lest you think, I don't know what I saw, well I didn't know what it was and I am a recently retired airline pilot for Northwest Airlines. I flew for 21 years at NWA and 10 years prior at a regional airline(s).

All the best, they're out there!

Jeff "Griff" Griffin

Colorado Springs

And another one ...

There were several of us sat outside at the Robin Hood in Orrell that saw the 'flaming' UFO on Sun 31 Aug.

The flames were quite large, engulfing most of the object as it travelled from the Billinge Area towards Orrell Post, passing more or less directly overhead, and well below the cloud level.

P Heywood

And another one ...

Dear sir/madam

Last week me and my friend did see a white cloud-shaped object moving back and forward in the sky in the Worsley Mesnes area.

This happened on a Friday night about 9pm, it wasn't a cloud or something because it was moving in the same place back and forward.