Fleeing drug dealer tried to run over police officer

David Sibbles
David Sibbles
  • David Sibbles is beginning an eight-year-jail sentence
  • Drug dealer was chased for three miles before driving at officer
  • Drove wrong way down one-way street
  • Sibbles had been involved in two previous incidents with police

A WIGAN drug dealer known as Big D rammed a police car and tried to run over its driver after a terrifying high-speed chase.

David Sibbles is now beginning an eight-year jail sentence after a court heard that when officers tried to arrest him for peddling drugs outside nightclubs in King Street, he tried to make the most dangerous of getaways.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the Kitt Green 24-year-old sped the wrong way down a one-way street, tore through a red light and topped 60mph in a 30mph before a patrol car cornered him in a Beech Hill cul-de-sac.

But the three-mile pursuit was not over and Sibbles then reversed his Ford Mondeo into the police car blocking his way in Yew Grove. When the driver, a PC Morgan, got out and shouted at Sibbles “stop driving now,” Sibbles sped towards the officer who was forced to leap out of the way.

Sibbles tried to escape, but his car collided with PC Morgan’s patrol vehicle for a second time and stalled. He was then arrested.

Prosecuting, Mr David Watson, said that Sibbles, who is known locally as “Big D”, smelt strongly of cannabis and and 33 wraps of it were recovered from his car boot along with a set of scales and a mobile phone which, after forensic examination, was found to have text messages indicating involvement in the supply of both cannabis and cocaine.

That was on September 14 last year, but the court heard that Sibbles had by then already had two other run-ins with the police within the previous 12 months.

On October 24 2013, officers raided a flat rented to Sibbles in Dicconson Street, Swinley. He wasn’t there but five other men, including Michael Bray, were when cocaine, the drug TFMPP (otherwise known as Legal X), packaging materials and scales were recovered. The drugs were estimated to have a street value of around £9,500.

Bray, 21, from Orrell, was arrested and his phone seized. Text messages found on the phone “gave the clear impression he was dealing drugs for Sibbles. Bray admitted he dealt cannabis for Sibbles in exchange for a discount on his own cocaine which was initially for personal use but then sold on at a profit.

Sibbles was arrested five days later and when interviewed claimed that in relation to the cocaine it a small portion was for personal use and the remainder he was minding for a male he refused to name. He was then bailed but arrested again on April 19 2014 when police went to a room at the Swan and Railway pub in Wallgate where they found a holdall in a wardrobe containing cocaine, TFMPP and other drugs paraphernalia.

Bray was sentenced to 30 months after admitting supplying both cocaine and cannabis.

Sibbles was jailed for a total of eight years for various counts of possessing drugs with intent to supply, dangerous driving and attempted grievous bodily harm with intent.

Mr Watson said it was the prosecution’s intention to set a Proceeds of Crime timetable in order to recover Sibbles’s ill-gotten gains.