Flood nightmare returns

Beresford Street, in Wigan, after more flooding
Beresford Street, in Wigan, after more flooding

WIGAN residents are calling for more action to be taken after floods caused chaos and misery yet again.

Beresford Street and adjoining Gorman Street in Springfield were awash once more after a downpour on Monday night - the second time in just 10 days.

The problem appears to be a blocked pipe or a collapsed culvert under the Pagefield Industrial Estate, owned by British Waterways.

A spokesman for the charity last week said work would start to clear the problem, but last night fed-up residents met with Wigan Council and British Waterways to air their continuing concerns,

John Downham, of Beresford Street, said; “The water had come up to my front door and the fire brigade had to come out and pump the water. We have sandbags, but after the last flood, they have become sodden and ripped. The council should replace them.

“The council said there were no guarantees a flood would not happen again, but said it was unlikely as pumps were already in place.”

Phil Moss, of Gorman Street, said: “This is the second occasion in 10 days. The operation to repair the culvert is under way, however only a small amount of rain fell and both streets were under water within an hour.”

As part of Wigan Council’s emergency flood plan, it has installed water proof storm doors on all houses, provided sandbags and set up an emergency helpline.

Martyn Kenyon, head of risk at Wigan Council, said: “British Waterways has now begun work to address the problem.

“For several years we have been strongly recommending to all residents in areas prone to excess water that they should have their own supply of sandbags.

“On Monday night, the pumps were operating within 35 minutes of the first call.”

A spokesman for British Waterways said: “We have been on site through the weekend attempting to clear the blockage, however, this is far from straight forward due to its location and we will continue to work towards speedy resolution. We offer our sincere apologies for any disruption.”