Flooding response remains a priority

The Wigan River Douglas flood alleviation scheme is keeping the heavy rain and floods at bay
The Wigan River Douglas flood alleviation scheme is keeping the heavy rain and floods at bay

RESIDENTS hit by recent floods in Wigan have been reassured support services remain in place to help them return to “normal life.”

Scores of homes across the borough were affected by heavy rainfall brought about by Storm Eva over the Christmas period.

A public health report set to be discussed by town hall bosses next week reveals the financial impact of the floods is estimated to be £1,071,872.57.

And officers have said the flood clean-up effort remains a “live incident.”

According to the report, 88 homes and 13 business premises were breached by flood water and the council has issued emergency relief grants of £500 to 70 householders.

It adds: “The council is currently working through how to administer and deliver the Property Level Flood Resilience Grant of up to £5,000 per property flooded.

“The grant is aimed at encouraging property owners to make their properties more flood resilient by using flood resilient materials as part of the reinstatement of their properties.”

After the storm, the council co-ordinated clean-up efforts including sending waste management services to assist households with damaged property, the report adds.

The council has called on the public health team to submit a more detailed report to the town hall once the storm response is no longer designated as a live incident.

In the immediate aftermath of the Boxing Day deluge council leader Lord Smith said: “We are committed to helping and supporting those who are in need as a consequence of flooding.

“Our staff will continue to support those affected by the floods in the weeks and months ahead to ensure they are able to make a full recovery.”

Author of the report, the council’s director for public health Prof Kate Ardern told the Evening Post: “Now as we are in the recovery phase following the damage there are a number of repairs which will need to be carried out to restore footpaths and structures.

“And reducing future risks of flooding should we experience extreme weather conditions like those we saw in the last month (remain a priority).

“We are awaiting guidance from central government about extra funding support for authorities affected by the flooding.”