Floods slow roadworks

Roadworks at the canal bridge on Scot Lane
Roadworks at the canal bridge on Scot Lane

THE heavy rainfall may have abated slightly but the misery from last month’s floods is continuing to haunt the borough’s road users.

It has been announced that disruptive work on a busy main Wigan route is to take a fortnight longer than expected because of the recent downpours.

Engineers working at reinforcing the underside of the canal bridge on Scot Lane between Beech Hill and Martland Mill had been able to continue with their work during the worst of the recent weather but those on the upper side were forced to stop.

The road was one of the worst hit across the town last month when Wigan succumbed to some of worst floods in decades.

The stretch of road beneath the railway bridge just yards up the road was so submerged in water that it had to be closed off. This created a huge build-up in Shevington and Kitt Green, where there were also roadworks, as road users were forced to re-route with the saddle junction also flooded and closed off.

Such were the problems on Scot Lane though that the contractor was prevented from waterproofing the membrane and therefore staff were forced to down tools.

It means that work which was scheduled to be finished this week will now only be completed on October 19.

The roadworks have meant that the lanes at the junction have been reduced with only one remaining open in the direction to Beech Hill as opposed to two.

Shantu Mistry, Senior Assistant Engineer (Bridges) Places Directorate - Economy, Waste and Infrastructure at Wigan Council, said: “The work under the bridge to replace the bearings was progressing whilst work above the bridge was suspended during the recent weather conditions which prevented the contractor from laying the waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck. 

“Only once the waterproofing of the deck is complete can the contractor progress the works, ie installing kerbs, constructing the footway and surfacing the carriageway.

“Due to these unavoidable delays, the work is now programmed to be completed by October 19.”