Fly-tipping fury

Coun Ready in front of waste that has been dumped on fields next to Aspull Civic Hall
Coun Ready in front of waste that has been dumped on fields next to Aspull Civic Hall
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LOCALS have reacted with fury after a someone dismantled a garden shed and dumped it and all its contents on a local playing field.

The rubbish was left on the football field next to Aspull Civic Hall over the weekend.

Coun Chris Ready, who represents the area described the fly-tipping as unacceptable.

Coun Ready said: “I got a phone call on Friday night to say there was rubbish dumped next to one of the football fields.

“Then when I arrived Saturday morning, this shed had been dumped here.

“Somebody has just dismantled their shed and brought all the wood and the contents of it here to get rid of it.

“This is absolutely ridiculous, not only does this cause an eyesore but it’s dangerous for the children that play on the area and animals. It is totally unacceptable.”

Fly tipping is an offence and carries a maximum penalty of a £50,000 and/or 12 months in prison if dealt with at Magistrates’ Court or an unlimited fine and/or five years in prison if dealt with at Crown Court.

Statistics released in January by the Environment Agency showed that fly-tipping within the borough was decreasing.

Coun Ready added: “We have all got rubbish that we need to get rid of but why some people think they have a right to just dump theirs in any place they choose, I will never know.

“I have been in touch with the cleansing department at Wigan Council and they will hopefully remove the waste soon, all this costs money.

“This all comes out of our taxes so we are in effect paying for this waste to be cleared up when we could just save money and dispose of it in the correct way.”

To report an incident of fly-tipping, call the Environment Agency on 0800807060 or Wigan Council on 01942 404364.