Football centre cars targeted by thieves

Wigan Soccerdome home of Power League
Wigan Soccerdome home of Power League

POLICE have sent out a warning after a series of thefts from cars at a Wigan sports centre.

Thieves have been operating around the Power Leaguesoccerdome and DW gym on Stadium Way by the DW Stadium breaking into vehicles and taking valuables.

It’s believed they are targeting those using the sports facilities who are leaving phones and money inside cars.

Police sent a warning out last week but it didn’t deter the thieves who struck again on Thursday evening at around 8pm.

Several cars at the front of the Soccerdome were targeted and broken into with a number of items taken.

As well as money and other valuables stolen, one victim on Thursday also said that they had taken insulin needles needed for diabetes.

Sergeant Brian Gaskell from Wigan West Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are aware of a spate of incidents that have occurred along Stadium Way in Wigan since December 1. Items such as wallets, mobile phones and handbags that were left on car seats were stolen after vehicle windows were smashed.

“Other items that have been stolen include work equipment after vans were also broken into by thieves.

“Following on from the incidents at DW gym and the Power League we have increased patrols along the area and have also been in contact with management at both businesses and have delivered signage for them to display.”