Footy fans in rail warning

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PEOPLE are risking their lives by scrambling over a railway line to avoid a flooded pathway.

Flash flooding on Beresford Street has meant that access to Miry Lane has been blocked at times for people hoping to walk under the small railway bridge towards the DW Stadium.

As a result, instead of walking the long way round, some people have been seen walking climbing up the embankment and walking across the railway line.

The most recent incident was on Tuesday night following Wigan Athletic’s match with Sunderland. The alleyway acts as a cut through for supporters to the DW Stadium.

Torrential rain during the match meant that the street had flooded again and instead of walking the long way round, some fans crossed over the railway line, while others waded through the water.

It was a similar scene against Chelsea before Christmas when many fans were forced to wade through the water to get to the game.

The floods, which caused chaos in 2008, had receded yesterday but eyewitnesses said they were a good 15 yards up the street as Tuesday’s match ended with scores of fans seen climbing over the railway lines.

And with the weather showing no sign of improving and the rugby season also about to kick off, a warning has been sent out to those thinking of using the track as a short cut.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “Trespassing on the railway line is extremely dangerous.

“Trains travel at high speeds, cannot swerve and can take long distances to come to a stop. If you are on the tracks and are not spotted by a train driver then there is every chance you will be either seriously injured or killed.

“Some people may think nipping across the tracks as a shortcut is acceptable, but no amount of time saved is worth risking a life. As well as being dangerous, trespassing on the railway is a criminal offence and our message is simple: ‘stay alive, stay off the tracks’.”