Form-faking doctor struck off

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News story

A DOCTOR who falsified immigration documents in order to try to obtain a position with Wigan borough’s mental health trust has been struck of the medical register.

Dr Gazimbi Manika altered the wording of a letter from the UK Border Agency after his visa application had been refused when applying for the role with the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Despite being told he could not remain in the country by immigration officials, Dr Manika applied for the “locum speciality doctor” position in December 2012 and altered the date on the letter from March 2012 to March 2014 so as to trick the trust into believing he could work legally in the UK.

Dr Manika did not attend his hearing in front of a Fitness to Practise Panel (FTPP) at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester last week.

However an independent panel found that “his conduct would be considered deplorable by fellow practitioners”.

The panel subsequently removed Dr Gazimbi from the GMC’s Medical register meaning he can no longer work in the UK.

The chair of the panel said: “The proven facts of this case relate to Dr Manika’s dishonest conduct in altering the wording of a letter from the UK Border Agency to make it appear that he had leave to remain in the UK when he was fully aware that his final visa application had been refused on 20 June 2012.

“Although Dr Manika knew that he did not have leave to remain in the UK, he subsequently applied for a locum position at the 5 Boroughs and lied about his visa status in his application.

“When the trust later tried to verify his right to work status, as part of its usual pre-employment checking procedures, Dr Manika lied again, informing them that he could not produce his passport as the UK Border Agency had it. He then knowingly provided them with a copy of the letter that he knew to be false.”

There has been more onus on ever for doctors to be accountable and transparent in the wake of the Mid-Staffordshire hospitals scandal last year.

The GMC have introduced tougher rules governing doctors, particularly those coming to work in the UK from abroad.

The chair of the FTTP added: “It’s clear Dr Manika’s misconduct has brought the profession into disrepute and breached a fundamental tenet of his profession.”