Former Wigan TV star dies in Scotland

Wigan's Jennifer Moss - who found fame in Coronation Street - has died at the age of 61.

Jennifer, who lived near Dunfermline in Scotland, had not enjoyed good health for some years.

In a roller-coaster life, Jennifer, a Wigan High School girl, played the part of wild-teenager Lucille Hewitt in Coronation Street from episode three in December 1960 and was a firm favourite until she hit drink problems, and parted company with Granada TV in the mid 70s.

Diminutive Jennifer battled illness for many years, but was well enough to travel to India with her husband Steve last year.

The actress never forgot her Wigan roots and one of her last wishes was to be buried alongside her beloved father, Reg.

In a recent interview, she admitted that she had never picked up her mother Dora's ashes from the undertakers because had never forgiven her for pushing her into showbusiness.

She said: "My father was everything to me and it was only after going to India that I finally came to terms with his death.

"I have made arrangements to be buried alongside him. In fact, my name is already on the gravestone."

The girl who always wanted to be a barrister found little acting work after leaving Coronation Street.

Jennifer, who lived on Wigan Lane, married five times.

For years, Jennifer made visits to Wigan where she had many friends in the local Bridge Club.

After getting her life in order and marrying Steve Ramsden in the mid 80s, the couple moved to Scotland several years ago.

The funeral service will be at Wigan St Michael's Church sometime next week.