Forty minutes for a five-minute journey

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TEMPORARY lights at a Wigan crossroads has caused huge rush hour hold ups this morning.

Commuters have said they suffered delays of up to 40 minutes for what usually is a five minute journey.

The lights are situated at the junction of Scot Lane, Martland Mill and Challenge Way, where yesterday a traffic light failure led to cars having to navigate the junction on their own before the temporary system was put in place.

The backlog of traffic has affected the roundabout at the bottom of Marsh Green, causing a build up of stationary traffic right back to Kitt Green.

One disgruntled road user has been in touch with the Evening Post, saying: “The temporary lights are a shambles. How anybody could not see it would cause uneven traffic flow is beyond me.

“There is no traffic heading towards Robin Park, so the roundabout at Marsh Green becomes redundant and traffic just backs up far too much.

“The temporary light sequence has caused chaos and it took me half an hour to get from the cinema to Beech Hill. It is ridiculous.”