Found hanged from a window

Bolton Coroner's Court
Bolton Coroner's Court

A FAMILY may never know why their loved one hanged himself out of a bedroom window in Wigan.

An inquest into the death of Dariusz Miotk recorded an open verdict, coroner Alan Walsh stating he was unsure whether the 30-year-old intended to take his own life.

The Bolton hearing was told a neighbour saw Dariusz suspended outside his front bedroom window in Keswick Place, Ince, at 6.30am on August 31. A post-mortem examination confirmed he died as a result of hanging, and had a quantity of amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy in his system.

Dariusz’s cousin Katrina Migra said he had grown up in Poland and had moved into her parents’ home with his brother Bartzamiey two years ago. He had a girlfriend, known only as Katya, and in the early hours of August 31, they had spent time in his bedroom and had been arguing. They had also been taking drugs.

She said: “At 4am, my mum and dad heard noises and my mum saw him eating a sandwich and he seemed fine. His brother Bart then walked into the house and explained how they had been arguing. At 6.30am a neighbour called our house saying they had seen Dariusz hanging near the front door.”

But a statement by Katya, given to the police, gave a different version of events. She said she and Dariusz were just friends and had not argued that night.

She said that on the evening of August 30, Dariusz was acting strangely as he had been drinking vodka. Katya went round to his house and she had three or four shots of vodka and Dariusz had the rest of the bottle. Bart walked Katya home at around 3.30am but Dariusz followed a short while later to pick up his laptop, The brothers then walked home.

Katrina revealed that Katya had shown her family a text Dariusz had sent shortly before he died, which read: “This text you sent me just killed me,” but police were unable to get access to his phone to see what Katya had sent. As Katya had returned to Slovakia, the coroner was unable to question her any further.

Katrina added: “The truth will never come out because Katya has disappeared and Dariusz is not here anymore.”

She also said the family was shocked that he had been taking drugs, and believed that had he not taken them, he would not have harmed himself.

Police confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances and no third party involvement.

Mr Walsh said: “Without the drugs, the family believe Dariusz would not have harmed himself.

“He took the drugs, which affected his judgement.

“It was at the front of his house in August, when it would have been daylight. I can’t be sure he intended to take his own life.”