Free food is going to waste

Pictured are staff members LtR: David Julien, Kirsty Grimshaw, Jade Jones and Paul Duffy
Pictured are staff members LtR: David Julien, Kirsty Grimshaw, Jade Jones and Paul Duffy
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A SUPERMARKET chain is urging local charities to get in touch to get their hands on free food ... after receiving NO requests for donations!

Sainsbury’s stores in Marus Bridge, Wigan, and Leigh give away surplus food to good causes as part of a scheme to cut down on the amount of waste sent to landfill.

But the outlet, in Parsonage Retail Park, Leigh, says it is struggling to find any charities wishing to receive the perfectly-good food which has reached its display-by date.

The Marus Bridge supermarket is also looking for more charities to take part in the scheme, as it currently donates food to a local soup kitchen.

Now both stores are appealing for local charities to come forward if they would be interested in receiving food donations – free of charge, of course.

Sal Cau, store manager at Sainsbury’s, in Leigh, said: “Donating our surplus food is a great way of supporting local charities and also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

“Very often at the end of each day there is perfectly good food left over that has reached its display-by date, but is still within the use-by date.

“Where this happens we would rather give this food to charities for free than see it go to waste, so we are advocating linking up with a local charity to donate this surplus food to them.

“Very often this can be fruit and vegetables, bread, milk and other foods that charities who house or look after people may have to purchase on a daily basis.

“Sainsbury’s has been involved in donating safe, edible and nutritious food to local charities since 1998 and our commitment to effective waste management in preventing ‘fit for purpose’ food going to landfill is a key part of our community strategy.

“We would urge any charitable group that provides meals for people and who may be interested in receiving food donations to get in touch with the store.”

Emma Buxton, from Sainsbury’s, added: “As a company we are proud to promote ‘no food to land fill’ and donate food to local charities.

“But currently we do not have any charity to donate our food to as our last charity is moving from the area.

“We’re looking for homeless charities, animal charities, or any other good causes in need of food that is still in good condition.”

Any charities which would like to be considered for receiving food donations, should contact their nearest store – Sainsbury’s Leigh on 01942 609923 or Sainsbury’s Marus Bridge on 01942 321966.