Fun, but naked statue can't stay

A 20ft naked statue quickly becoming a Wigan landmark should be taken down in a few weeks, a councillor has said.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 3:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:46 pm
A dazzling gold statue used to promote the film Gladiator is currently brightening the car park of Titan Flooring on Wigan Road

The golden goliath outside Titan Flooring Specialists in Bryn has caused a stir both on social media and in the community since its arrival last week.

Coun Nathan Murray told the Observer he understands the firm is “having a bit of fun” but it should not become a permanent fixture.

He said: “I’ve had about half a dozen constituents contact me this week. Some were concerned; some were just interested in what was going on.

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“I’ve been told that the statue is only going to be there temporarily, not permanently.

“I’ve spoken to the company, they’re doing the right thing at the moment by having a laugh with it, but in a week or so the novelty will wear off.

“It’s not urgent right now, but in a couple of weeks it should not be there.”

The Observer contacted Titan regarding the councillor’s concerns and a spokesperson said they did not know how long the statue would be on the property for.

They said: “It’s the landlord’s property, it’s not my issue.”

Coun Murray also expressed concern the statue on the Landgate Industrial Estate could tarnish his ward’s reputation with visitors.

He said: “It doesn’t give the best impression for those coming off at Junction 25 of the M6. It doesn’t represent Bryn how we want it to be.”

The statue was bought by the landlord of Titan a number of years ago after it was used to promote the blockbuster movie Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe.

Passers-by have been both impressed and shocked by the giant figure. One said: “It is quite a vision but I imagine it would be quite off-putting to passing drivers.”

A spokesperson for Titan had previously told the Observer: “It’s there for a temporary period then the landlord will take it to use for something else.

“It’s great, it brings attention to the store.

“We still get quite a lot of people who don’t know we are here - they will now.”