Fund-raiser blasts chuggers

Chuggers holding collection buckets in Leigh town centre
Chuggers holding collection buckets in Leigh town centre
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A CHARITY fund-raiser has launched a stinging attack on so-called chuggers who held collection buckets to look like volunteers.

Peter Quinn, chairman of Charity Aid, described being appalled at seeing three professional fund-raisers holding empty containers while approaching shoppers in Leigh town centre earlier this month.

Mr Quinn has also complained to Wigan Council as the fund-raisers, who have been widely dubbed chuggers, or charity muggers, were wearing Oxfam jackets but were listed on the council website as fund-raising for Shelter.

Charity Aid, which represents people who give up their time for nothing to collect money for good causes, blasted the entire industry of chugging, accusing the companies of being motivated by profit and hiding the amount of money going to them rather than to charity.

Mr Quinn, from Atherton, said: “Chuggers holding buckets is absolutely disgusting and marks an all-time low for the morality and credibility of Oxfam.

“These people are aggressive, exploitative parasites who are putting people off donating in the streets. People need to realise they don’t even work for the charities whose T-shirts they are wearing but are employed by agencies.

“When I see volunteers standing in the streets for nothing to raise money for good causes it makes me really angry to the have chuggers employing tactics like this, it’s absolutely appalling.”

Charity Aid has made an official complaint about the Leigh fund-raisers to the industry’s representative body, the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA).

As the chuggers were booked to carry out face-to-face (F2F) fund-raising, they were not taking cash donations to fill the buckets but only asking for people to sign up to give and take down their contact details.

The PFRA has admitted that up to the first £145 given to a chugger will not reach the charity but will be paid to the worker and the agency.