Funeral cars bid to miss floods

A huge puddle has formed on the newly resurfaced tarmac at the entrance to Gidlow Cemetery
A huge puddle has formed on the newly resurfaced tarmac at the entrance to Gidlow Cemetery

JUST a week after a severely pot holed cemetery road was repaired mourners are facing more obstacles when visiting their loved ones.

Up until recently people visiting Gidlow Cemetery had to negotiate a pot hole ridden road that caused numerous problems and even resulted in flowers falling from a hearse, but it was thought that the problem was solved when the road was resurfaced. But an all new obstacle appeared when heavy rainfall completely flooded the main entrance to the cemetery on Wigan Road, Standish, forcing vehicles and pedestrians onto a waterlogged grass verge.

One man who uses the cemetery, but did not want to be named, said: “The flood water made the road look like a lake, it was about 20 to 30ft wide and at least eight inches deep.

“The water used to drain into the potholes but now there is nowhere for it to drain to and it is creating huge problems.”

This week cars were forced to mount the grass at either side of the road because the water level was so deep after a number of torrential downpours.

It is not clear whether the problem has been worsened because the pot holes have been filled in or whether there is a problem with drainage systems failing, but Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust is investigating.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “We are aware of this situation and taking steps to address it by investigating the drains. However, we would advise motorists against using the grass verge to enter the cemetery because they actually have a greater chance of becoming bogged down this way.

“The level of water on the actual road surface is not deep enough to cause problems if motorists drive through slowly. It has not prevented access to the cemetery.”