Fury as rubbish illegally dumped

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AN INVENTIVE Wigan man is fighting back against the fly-tippers who use his bin.

Community activist Dave Culshaw has come up with a special lock which he hopes will help him and countless other borough residents from falling foul of a particularly annoying rubbish scam.

He was surprised to find that refuse men had refused to empty his council black bin because it was too heavy to shift. They had stuck a sticker on to the top warning him that it had been filled with the wrong type of rubbish.

When he opened the lid he found it packed with builder’s waste such as brick ends, lumps of set concrete, plaster dust and old wooden latts.

A passing tradesman who didn’t fancy paying trade waste charges to dispose of his detritus legally, clearly spotted Mr Culshaw’s bin and filled it instead.

Handyman Mr Culshaw, a car historian and motoring campaigner, says he has been forced to invent a cheap locking bracket which fits over the bin lid. It will prevent any other unauthorised dumper using his bin again.

And he is now suggesting that the council adopts a similar devise after hearing from the cleansing department that there have been a spate of similar incidents in recent days.

Mr Culshaw, who left the bin outside his Whiteside Avenue home in Hindley when it was filled in, believes that with the rise in trade waste disposal charges, the problem is now going to get a lot worse.

He said: “I wondered why the bin had suddenly become too heavy to move, as soon as I saw the warning sticker that the bin men had put across it. When I opened the lid I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

“It was filled to the top with plaster, brick bats and builder’s waste. which I certainly hadn’t put in.

“Some passing tradesman must have seized the opportunity to save himself some pounds by tipping the contents of his van or the flat back into my bin.

“Not only is this a rather anti-social thing to do, but it could also be a way of disposing of hazardous waste like asbestos building waste which needs to be handled and treated very carefully under defined health and safety laws.”

However, Metro waste manager Dr Gail Robinson said: “We don’t have any plans to introduce locks on bins.

“I’d be concerned about the use of homemade locks if they were on the bin at the time of collection, as they may interfere with the lifting mechanism on the back of the refuse lorry which could cause the bin to become unstable and fall off, causing injury.

“I understand that we have now resolved the particular issues for this resident.”