Fury as tots are ‘struck off’ dentist’s books

Grandad Alan Jolliffe with Kaci-Leigh and Braydon Jolliffe of Falkirk Drive, Ince
Grandad Alan Jolliffe with Kaci-Leigh and Braydon Jolliffe of Falkirk Drive, Ince

A WIGAN family has blasted a dental surgery for blacklisting their two tots.

Three-year-old Kaci-Leigh and 15-month-old Braydon Jolliffe have allegedly been struck off by their surgery because they mistakenly turned up a day late for an appointment with their grandad Alan Jolliffe.

He says he is now lodging an official complaint to medical watchdogs after the Westhoughton Dental Centre refused to treat the Ince brother and sister.

Alan, 53, said: “I can’t actually believe it - I’m livid.

“I think it’s disgusting that they can refuse a 15-month-old and a three-year-old child dental treatment. It’s just wrong. Their mother and my daughter, Kirsty, who couldn’t take them on the day, mistook the date of the appointment and we weren’t aware that it was actually supposed to be on the day before.

“I was running late by 15 minutes and knew that I would have to probably reschedule anyway.

“So when I arrived, I began to apologise and ask if I could re-arrange when the receptionist told me that the appointment was supposed to be the day before.

“She then went on to say that because of this the dentist would not see the children and she would never allow them back at the surgery.

“I had no words. I just said that it was absolutely pathetic and I walked out of the surgery.

“If I had not left when I did then I know that I would have said something that I would later regret.”

Furious, Alan has now begun formulating an appeal to the British Dental Association (BDA).

He added: “We are supposed to be a nation of free and fair medical treatment and to be treated in this way is out of order. I will not stop fighting this case.” The surgery declined to comment but a spokesman for NHS Greater Manchester Area Team said: “It is not appropriate for us to comment on an individual case.

“However we will work with the practice to investigate the circumstances. In general we would only expect a dentistry practice to refuse further appointments on the basis that an individual had missed several previous appointments.”