Fury at drug and litter blight

The footpath in Kitt Green which was found strewn with rubbish, including drug paraphernalia
The footpath in Kitt Green which was found strewn with rubbish, including drug paraphernalia

A WIGAN man has blasted litter louts who left a footpath strewn with rubbish, discarded alcohol cans and drug paraphernalia.

Bill Evans, of Kitt Green Road, hit out after discovering the mess while out walking his dog in the wooded area near Close Brook, off Comet Road and Heyford Road.

He also said the area appeared to have been rigged with several crude traps to deter other walkers from discovering the site, where the contents of recycling wheelie bins also appeared to have been dumped.

The 65-year-old said: “The council needs to do something about this, the amount of drugs and equipment for taking drugs I found there is obscene. It’s the area behind the club, and it’s on a footpath which is not visible from the road, but the litter is everywhere.

“There are ropes tied to the trees ready to spring up if anyone walks through it, so people need to be very careful in that area. It’s clearly supposed to deter people and their dogs finding it. The council was supposed to have cleaned everything up around here, so I was shocked by the state it was in.”

Mr Evans says this is not the first occasion he has reported drug use in the area to the authorities, having made a complaint last year.

He was intending to walk a springer spaniel, which he is in the process of training, along the footpath, but says he will now have to find an alternative location.

Wigan Council said cleaning crews had been sent to the area and it was now helping Greater Manchester Police, who are providing extra patrols in Kitt Green, to try to trace those responsible.

Terry Dunn, director for environment, said: “Wigan Council takes all reports of environmental crime very seriously, particularly those which pose a public health risk. I’d like to reassure residents that the area is now clean and safe, with the fly-tipping and litter removed and the area swept for needles. We are now working to identify and punish those found responsible for discarding the drug paraphernalia.”

Anyone with information should contact the council on 01942 404364.