Fury over rubbish

Travellers' waste left behind at Scot Lane Playing Fields
Travellers' waste left behind at Scot Lane Playing Fields

A CLEAN-up operation has been launched after a group of travellers left an horrendous mess on Wigan playing fields.

Nearby residents have been left furious at the state of the land behind the Soccerdome which separate Stadium Way and Scot Lane.

The group have been there for the last couple of weeks and left the piles of rubbish behind when they left, including human excrement and old television sets.

Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust which has responsibility for the land sent a team of officers down to investigate the residents’ complaints and a clean-up operation was due to be implemented today.

Initially the group were situated to the side of the pitches but later they relocated to the middle where many rugby and football teams play and train at the weekends. One resident told the Evening Post: “They have been there for the past two weeks dumping their household waste and other rubbish such as televisions and human waste on the field.

“Myself and my neighbours have seen them drive either a silver or white van half way across the field to a remote corner and dump their rubbish.

“It is now piling up and we are very concerned that someone could get hurt or that the waste could attract animals such as mice or rats.”

A WLCT spokesperson confirmed: “We are ensuring that the land is restored to its original state.”