Galleries’ shoppers donate iPads to ward

The Galleries donate iPads to Rainbow Ward
The Galleries donate iPads to Rainbow Ward

THE Galleries Shopping Centre has donated two iPads to the Rainbow Ward at Wigan Hospital.

The iPads will be used and enjoyed by children in the ward whilst waiting for treatment.

Rainbow Ward staff also use a series of photos to prepare children for treatment explaining in detail the procedure they are about to undergo, with the aim of reducing fear and anxiety. Various games and images will be shown on the iPads adding a fun, modern, interactive touch to the ward and its mini patients.

Richard Paxton, centre director of The Galleries said: “The Galleries are keen supporters of the Rainbow Ward and are delighted to help make the little ones hospital stay a little more bearable with the purchase of these gleaming new, high tech iPads.”

The Rainbow Ward is a general paediatric ward and has a mixture of beds and cubicles and is also the emergency and long stay admission ward.