Girl defies odds to ballet dance again

Hannah Martyn
Hannah Martyn

A BALLET dancer has overcome a life-changing condition thanks to a pioneering new treatment

Hannah Martyn, 19, was diagnosed with scoliosis – which causes severe curvature of the spine – three years ago.

She was referred to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to see a spinal consultant who told her she faced major surgery if her condition continued to progress.

If left untreated most sufferers face having to have long operations which involves having metal rods fitted down their back.

However, after being put in touch with the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London a clinic which claims to offer a unique non-surgical treatment for the condition.

Hannah is now back dancing having avoided surgery which she believes would not have been possible if she would have been operated on.

Hannah, who lives in Leigh and attends Apple Dance School, said: “Scoliosis completely took over my life for several years after I was diagnosed. I felt like everyone was staring at my back all the time and I lost nearly all of my self-confidence.

“I love dancing; it is something I use to express myself.

“So when I was told that I needed to have major surgery which would dramatically reduce my flexibility, I was left in pieces. I knew that I wanted to continue with ballet and possibly teach at some point. I also knew that there were huge risks involved with the operation and that there could be a very long recovery period.

“When mum mentioned the SOS clinic, I was slightly sceptical. I did not understand how exercises would make such a big difference to my back. Having had the treatment I believe in it 100%. The difference in my posture is obvious. I was overwhelmed by my final photographs and I am relieved that I am no longer at risk from surgery. I am looking forward to getting back to dance classes and completing my exams so that I can teach other young girls what I am totally passionate about.”

The clinic say patients see a flattening of the rib hump, improved lung capacity and greater muscle strength. For information visit