Girlfriend punched in thug attack

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A THUG has admitted punching his girlfriend in the face in the middle of the night in front of her two young children.

Lee Shaw, 25, also admitted causing an injury to the assault victim’s one-year-old daughter by hurling a brick through a window later that day.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how the defendant had been in relationship with the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, for about a month before the flashpoint in the early hours of March 28.

Mike Ardern, prosecuting, told how Shaw, who had been sleeping downstairs on the sofa following an argument, crept upstairs at about 1.30am to where the victim was sleeping with her two children and punched her in the face.

As he assaulted her, the victim’s two-year-old daughter awoke instantly and started crying.

Shaw then fled the house and posted “unsavoury” comments about the victim on the Facebook social networking website before returning later that morning with a brick in his hand.

His girlfriend told police how the defendant had asked her to open the window before walking to the back of the house and throwing the brick through the window.

As the window shattered, a shard of glass hit the assault victim’s one-year-old daughter on the forehead, leaving her with a small cut.

Shaw’s girlfriend immediately picked up both children to protect them and dialled 999. Police arrested the defendant a short while later.

In interview, Shaw admitted punching his girlfriend in the face, saying “she deserved it”.

He also admitted smashing the victim’s window with a brick and, despite initially denying that he had caused any injury to the one-year-old, he later accepted responsibility.

The court also heard that Shaw, of Milton Close, Atherton, was already subject to a restraining order sparked by problems with his previous girlfriend at the end of last year.

Martin Jones, defending, said his client’s relationship had broken down on the evening prior to the assault after his girlfriend admitted starting a relationship with another man.

He added that his client was on medication for psychosis.

Magistrates ordered for Shaw to be remanded in custody prior to sentencing on April 13. They warned him that “the custody threshold has been passed”.